Spices, marinades and additives

About the company IDC-FOOD, s.r.o. company was founded in 1998. Since its beginning a wide range of seasoning mixtures and food additives has been the main product portfolio. 

IDC-FOOD, s.r.o. is a production and business company focusing on meat and poultry industry. Fish processors and dairy product manufacturers also belong to our significant customers.

We benefit from the long-term experience of German technologists. For our products we make use of the high quality standards of the major European suppliers of the main raw materials as well as the Czech tradition when forming our product portfolio. Gained experience and quality have proved competent when cooperating with a great number of Czech customers.

Since our foundation we have been concerned with development and production of a large range of products and nowadays we offer a wide variety of additives, natural spices, seasoning mixtures and marinades. The advantage of IDC-FOOD is the ability to look for the optimal technological solution according to the specific production needs of every single customer as well as the ability to create any recipe according to the customer´s requirements.

We are the holders of quality certificate ISO 9001:2008.